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Common Uses

Underpinning, Water cut off walls, Stabilizes soils, Retaining wall, Slab jacking, Stabilizes foundations, Retaining walls.

Cement Grouting

Cement Grouting is a grouting technique that fills voids with cement-grout. Grout is a cement-based mixture that acts as a bonding agent acting as non-metallic, non-shrink grout. R.S. Foundation Systems uses grout cement for the common uses above.

Compaction Grouting
Compaction Grouting is a proven method of stabilizing fine grain soils. It's use of very stiff, mortar-like grout differs fundamentally from conventional or penetration grouting in applicability and injection procedures. The grout is injected with a distinct interface between the grout and soil. It tends to move into the weakest zones and results in an irregular shaped mass. Advantages are, minimum site disturbance and risk, flexibility of scope and applicable where groundwater surface is high.

Jet Grouting
Jet grouting is a soil improvement technique used for modifying a soils strength and permeability. To complete this process, R.S. Foundation Systems injects grout into the soil at a high velocity. This breaks up the soil structure and mixes the soil particles in-situ to create a uniform mass with improved soil properties. This technology is applicable for increasing soil strength to support foundations and for reducing consolidation. Jet grouting can also lower the permeability of soil and thereby controlling the flow of groundwater for tunnel construction and basements.

Mud Jacking
Mud Jacking is a re-leveling technique that lifts concrete slabs by replacing voids underneath with grout-cement. Holes are pre-drilled, and the cement grout and/or chemical grout is injected to the specified area. While injecting the grout, the operator monitors the level of the slab until it reaches the specified height.

Consolidation Grouting

Consolidation Grouting is a grouting technique that closes off open pathways in the specified ground stratum by injecting grout. Consolidation grouting can use compaction, chemical, and/or cement grouting techniques.

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