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CIP Piles

Calgary-Based Foundation Piling Contractors Serving Western Canada

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The founders of R.S. Foundation Systems have several decades of combined experience in the foundation drilling industry in Western Canada. Incorporated in 2008, and based out of Calgary, AB, "RSFS" is a geostructural construction contractor serving Western Canada’s residential, commercial,  industrial and Infrastructure markets.

Originally, RSFS focused on underpinning and foundation retrofit projects. Today, we are capable of undertaking foundation drilling and geostructural construction projects of nearly any type and scale.
The majority of the founding partners are still actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.

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Sunrise over Mountains

RSFS is committed to providing high quality, high value-added materials and services to our clients.

We are a professional, safe, flexible and innovative company endeavoring to provide cost-effective “turn-key” solutions to foundation support challenges.


The quality of our work and the safety of all stakeholders are considered of paramount importance.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your assistance with this project under short notice. Without your crews, we would not have been able to complete the project under the required timeframe. The crews completed the work without any incidents and maintained excellent production during the project. They were very responsive and dealt with the ground conditions using the right equipment and drilling expertise to ensure the success of the project.  Please pass a huge thanks to Tim, Dylan & Aj all were really amazing. Great job to Wes for keeping on top of things during the project.


Thanks guys, C.A.


An excellent experience all around.  When Geoff and his team came out to initially investigate our slightly slanted kitchen extension their skills really came out to shine.  Our 60 year old house had many years of questionable handy man work done on it, including building two extensions on, now rotting wooden desk support posts. Geoff was able to give us multiple options on how to go about getting our home back to being structurally sound.  He worked with us and within our budget in a very personable way.  When the final solution had been worked out and a schedule set.  The team showed up on time and managed to do a quality job in a tight difficult space while also being low impact to the surrounding deck and house.

Without hesitation, we would recommend RS Foundation Systems to anyone.

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